Learning platform

Charanga’s proprietary learning platform is the foundation for all of our music curriculum programmes, from Early Years to Primary and Secondary. It also houses Charanga’s extensive instrumental programme, covering over 20 instruments.

The teachers’ area of the Charanga platform contains a rich collection of resources sufficient to cover all music curriculum requirements for students aged 5–16. The resources are organised into Schemes of Work, Units, Courses, and individual lessons, all of which are customisable and editable by teachers.

Unique to Charanga is the way we have combined rich musical content – both Charanga originals and authentic music licenced from music publishers – with Charanga’s proprietary music teaching tools, which add considerable value to the content.

Yumu, the student area of our platform, has all the features you would expect to see in an online learning environment. over 2.5 million students have used it to progress their music education.

Integral to the platform is a proprietary commercial licence management and communications system, which adds further value and has enabled Charanga to form educational joint ventures with partners across the globe.

Schools in 64 countries have adopted Charanga as their platform of choice for music – an unprecedented achievement and very much an indication that Charanga represents best practice in educational technology.