For students aged 5–11

Young children with classroom percussion

Charanga’s award-winning Musical School programme provides premium, cloud-based resources to help make day-to-day primary music teaching a rich and rewarding experience for you and your students. The resources are grouped by children’s age and for different approaches to teaching. More information can be found in the Primary section of our website.

Charanga’s Schemes

Follow one Scheme, mix and match or build your own. Your Charanga Combined licence includes a range of Schemes and the option of creating your own using Charanga’s Scheme builder feature.


Choose from a range of music resources from Charanga Musical School’s Freestyle library to mix and match with your own.

You’ll find everything from well-known nursery rhymes, chants, songs and activities that equip learners with the foundations of musical understanding to materials for students aged 8–11 that encourage their musical exploration and a growing familiarity with a wide range of styles and genres.

Topics, stand-alone units and productions give you complete flexibility in your teaching, while Charanga’s music-teaching tools provide variety for teachers and support the full range of learning modalities.


Access interactive resources for all popular classroom instruments. The Instruments section includes First Notes to First Band, a collection for 26 popular instruments, supporting beginners, solo and ensemble playing, and large-group music tuition, and interactive Rockschool Method Books helping teachers support young drummers and electric guitar, bass, ukulele and piano players new to their instruments.

Charanga Sing

Charanga Sing contains a growing bank of over 500 songs for vocal specialists or those keen to encourage more singing in their school! You’ll find songs for all occasions, ages and groupings, from soloists to massed choirs.


Charanga’s SEND section supports musical activities and learning with students with special educational needs or disabilities – in special schools, alternative provision, or mainstream settings and across all ages and abilities.

The Anyone Can Play Scheme is an inclusive, standalone set of progressive Units with lesson plans, while CREATE provides music technology lessons and projects for students using iPads. Our Resource Library is a curated set of accessible games, lessons, warm-up activities and songs. The Signed Songs collection, a set of videos with signs from musician Samantha Harper, completes the suite.

Creative tools

A suite of music-teaching resources is used throughout the Charanga platform to provide teachers and learners with an enjoyable, effective and inspiring experience.

The fundamental activities in music learning encompass listening and understanding, singing, improvising, composing and playing instruments.

Each of these areas benefits from a choice of several Charanga tools that provide variety for teachers and support the full range of learning modalities. More information about our music teaching tools can be found in the About Charanga section.

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