Which Charanga Scheme is suitable for your school?

It’s as simple as A, B, C

Award-winning Scheme
Charanga’s new
Model Music
Curriculum Scheme
Model Music Curriculum Scheme
Charanga’s new
Scheme builder
Scheme builder

We continually invest in our team, technology and resources to enhance your experience of using Charanga and give you more flexibility and variety.

A Charanga licence provides three Scheme options:

A – Charanga’s Original Scheme

When using our award-winning, Original Scheme and its progressive week-by-week lessons, you are guaranteed to be meeting all of the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum for Music in full.

The Scheme includes lesson plans, assessment, clear progression and exciting whiteboard resources for every lesson. An additional version of it, specifically adapted for COVID, supports your day-to-day teaching in any context.

B – Charanga’s English Model Music Curriculum (MMC) Scheme

Those interested in exploring England’s Model Music Curriculum (MMC) – or simply looking for new repertoire for their students – can follow or use materials from our English Model Music Curriculum Scheme.

With a greater focus on notation and offering more challenging instrumental parts, the Scheme features over 100 songs. Everything is aligned to the listening, notation, skills and year-by-year progression pathway of the DfE’s non-statutory MMC.

C – Charanga’s Scheme builder feature

Primary teachers also have the option of building their own bespoke Scheme using our Scheme builder feature. The tool also enables users to combine Charanga units with their own uploaded resources and documents to create a unique learning pathway for their school.

Those teaching Reception-aged children can use our Original Scheme’s Reception Year and then progress to Year 1 of either that Scheme of Work or our English MMC Scheme. Teachers also have the option of building their own Scheme.